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I find a strong connection between my writing and teaching practices and my yoga practice, all of which ask us to be present in the moment, to love and accept ourselves and others fully as we are, and to shine our light on the world. What this means for those who join my writing groups, classes and retreats is that I meet participants where they are and encourage dialogue on the work that is relevant to each writer’s stated purpose. If a group member has written a journal entry that she has no intention of crafting, then critique is inappropriate, but positive response might offer affirmation. In contrast, someone working on a novel, short story or memoir for publication benefits from honest, constructive feedback. Ultimately, it is each writer’s purview to determine for her or himself what feedback is helpful and revise work accordingly.

I offer four types of writing experience. Within these, different courses will be offered, some on an ongoing basis and others from time to time.

Local Classes, Big Island, Hawaii

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In-person writing classes in North Hawaii, Big Island, Hawaii:

Be part of a group of up to twelve writers sharing work on a weekly basis for six-week sessions. Below are current and upcoming groups. Others may be added on an ongoing basis. Groups may be renewed for subsequent six-week sessions. New group members will be added at the beginning of each six-week period on a space-available basis.


Waimea Writers Roundtable

Harness the creative and intuitive right brain and create a new piece of writing every week. We’ll write to prompts that open the floodgates and get the creative juices flowing while covering topics such as effective setting and character description, use of figurative language, authentic and effective dialogue, and the dynamic between truth and fiction. Make progress on your novel or memoir, create shorter works you can submit to websites, journals and magazines, or simply write for your own pleasure and discovery. Fee is nonrefundable, except on teacher’s cancellation of the class. Location to be announced in Waimea, North Hawaii, Big Island

This class has ended. Join the email list to be notified when it runs again.




Inspiring retreats in beautiful places:

Join with serious writers like yourself in focused, structured time to write, share writing and receive feedback and encouragement. Find out what’s working in your writing and what you can do to bring it to the next level. Make steady progress on your novel or memoir or generate new works daily, as you prefer. Spend unscheduled time writing and finding inspiration in nature. Retreats are limited to ten participants.



Dig deep for your most authentic self

Use writing as a tool to change your life in all-day intensives. Write, reflect, discuss, meditate, learn, breathe.

Online Courses

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An authentic classroom experience.

Inviting the Reader into the Moment: How to Write Killer Descriptions

A six-week online course for teen writers aged 13-17.

Have you ever felt afraid when a character was in danger or felt angry on his behalf? Have you ever noticed that reading the words “she said, angrily,” doesn’t make you angry? Effective writers invite the reader into the moment, evoking real emotions.

When we read good writing, we see the world through the protagonist’s eyes and feel what they feel. The reason we don’t feel for a character who says something “angrily” or “sadly” is that these words hold the reader at a distance, so we only watch the story instead of engaging with it.

In this class for teens with any level of writing experience, you will learn and practice techniques to bring your writing to life using specificity, sensory details, and figurative language. If you don’t know what some of these terms mean, don’t worry! By the end of the 6-week class, you will know how to use these techniques to invite the reader into the moment and offer them an emotional response to your writing. You also will come away with six new pieces of writing you can expand, polish, and even submit for publication.

$234.00 or $210.60 for Loft Literary Center member

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