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I am a citizen of the world. I am compelled by people, by culture and personality and by the places where people live. I never tire of traveling, and I feel that everyone on this earth is connected to one another by our shared humanity. In my writing, I like to remind people of that connection by showing both the special gifts that individuals have to offer and the traits and feelings we share in common.

I specialize in profiles of people and geographic locales. Through my writing, I endeavor to introduce people to individuals they might like to know—or to have known—and to places they might like to visit. I have written memorial tributes about people I didn’t know and received thanks from family members who were moved by how well I captured their loved one’s spirit and the life they lived. I have written about places I’ve never seen and been told by residents that my story effectively evoked their home. I write citations that celebrate people’s achievements that are read before an audience and presented as framed gifts to hang on their walls. When I write, I dig deeply into the lives or places I am covering to unearth the essence and uniqueness of my subjects. It is important to me that the people I write about (or, in the case of memorial tributes, their surviving family members) feel honored by my efforts.


I’m a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College’s writing-based curriculum, and I’ve been writing for publication since 1996. I’ve published articles in a number of local Hawaii publications, including Ka’u Landing, The North Hawaii News, and West Hawaii Today, and my column, “Mother’s Wisdom,” ran in the holistic health newsletter Alternatives for two years. Nationally, my creative nonfiction has appeared in HipMama and Special Delivery, and my narrative nonfiction essay “Frozen in a Moment” was anthologized in The Reality of Breastfeeding (Bergin & Garvey, 1998). I’ve been a regular contributor to Sarah Lawrence magazine since 2003, and I write regularly for the Sarah Lawrence College communications and alumnae/i offices. I have written several short stories and am at work on a novel. I also write poetry, some of which was published along with an interview in Connotation Press. From 2004-2014 I taught English and creative writing to high school and middle school students at Parker School, where I also oversaw the creation of nine yearbooks and edited The Red Barn Review, featuring the work of my creative writing students, and the online magazine Parker Arts Mag, featuring the creative work of Parker School students.

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